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Financial Systems Design and Integration

Every organization faces issues associated with financial reporting of a company’s status. Whether the organization is large or small financial reporting is important at 3 separate dimensions. These are: Operational Reporting, Tax Reporting, and Owner Reporting to the Owners. While all of these perspectives on the financial health of a company report separate numbers, they all come from the same financial chart of accounts. CTB Consulting has worked with organizations to design and update their financial system to ensure that data is accurate and up to date and that all reports reconcile against each other.


CTB Consulting has worked with organizations in all facets of financial systems.

• Development of a Financial Chart of Accounts consistent with Business Goals and Objectives
• Global General Ledger Implementations with operational feeds from transactional sub-systems
• Automated Business and Executive Reporting Cycles
• Analysis and Development of Key Performance Indicators along with their regular reporting


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