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As PC’s and networking crept into corporate applications in the 1990’s, we developed an early version of the current Agile development and release process. The process involved repetitive releases of functional prototypes and was called “Proto-Cycling”. It was an answer to corporate IT managers and their users who needed to release PC systems but were not sure how or what might be possible. Proto-Cycling reduced the effort and time needed for detailed specifications and it gave the development team short term budget and time windows to integrate with connected legacy systems. Proto-Cycling was first publicly presented to the Microsoft Worldwide developers conference in Las Vegas in 1996 and received rave reviews.


CTB Consulting can supply full Agile teams or integrate with existing teams.

Our early experience and expertise with Proto-Cycling is the basis for our current Agile teams. A key to our Agile process is our internal systems for managing sprints. We have a front end that logs actual story level effort to accurately measure team member velocity. This is integrated with our Sprint reporting to provide teams and clients real time status of progress and costs. CTB Consulting can supply full Agile teams or integrate with a client’s existing teams to complete team skills and ensure all roles are represented.


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