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Corporations need to be innovative to remain competitive and to survive. At the same time, there is significant innovation originating at early-stage companies outside of your organization. Your teams need to have effective ways to quickly find and leverage the innovation in these early-stage companies. CTB Consulting has been a successful innovator for over 20 years. This history and the expertise needed to identify, test and impalement innovation has evolved into a specialized division – “VisionMine”. VisionMine’s Open Innovation Portal provides companies with access to innovation at external – often small organizations – that answer challenges at every stage of a company’s Open Innovation management process.


Here is a sample of some successful innovation implementations.

• A Global Bank Innovates How Young Children Learn About Money and Banking
• A US Company Finds A Way to Accelerate Management Recruiting Using On-Line Tools While Reducing Costs
• A Credit Card Company Successfully Implements Smartphone Cameras to Capture Card Holder Information
• A Financial Institution Uses Augmented Reality to Engage Customers And Partners


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