February 14, 2019 CTBConsulting

CTB Consulting Streamlines Philip Morris Workflow with E-Forms

CTB Consulting announced today that it has completed development of a “workflow automation” system for Philip Morris International (PMI). The new system streamlines the entire forms approval process while providing management controls and analytical reports.

Philip Morris engaged CTB Consulting to e-enable hard copy forms that had previously been designed to approve requests for access to the PMI network, email system, application software and file access permission levels. Their multi-location and multi-level approval process complicated tracing and tracking the status of the hard copy forms. CTB designed electronic forms in using Microsoft Outlook to replace the hard copy forms and automated the approval and tracking process. Forms are routed through Microsoft Exchange by rules that support the PMI approval process. Status of the approval process for every form is tracked and easily viewed by authorized individuals in public folders designed to track the e-forms and results of approvals.

The system will drastically reduce the amount of paperwork moving through the interoffice mail, will shorten the time for request approvals, and eliminate confusion over the status of requests. The system will also improve accuracy of record keeping, and reduce implementation time for every approved request.

Founded in 1990, CTB Consulting specializes in applying technology to improve business processes. CTB works with mid- to large-size organizations and specializes in defining the business return for potential projects through well-defined proposals. CTB focuses on project management, financial reporting, messaging, collaboration, and workflow systems, and IT infrastructure analysis. CTB is a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider, a member of the Citrix Solutions Network, and a Hyperion Alliance Partner.

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